Company Profile

Established in 1948 in Johannesburg South Africa with just 3 staff members and tanning game skins forming the bulk of our business, Trans African Taxidermists has grown its science of preservation into a unique art form. Spending 60 odd years studying and collecting specimens and field data, the company boasts the biggest private collection of personally sculpted molds, for over 58 African game species, in the world. Our creative ethos is to stay true to nature.  We avoid exaggerated features and allow the science of taxidermy to guide our artistic values by capturing real life attributes of the species we sculpt.  Our growth record bears testimony to the appeal of our artistic technique. Today we have moved from tanning games skins and mounting the occasional shoulder mount for a farmer or hunter to processing museum diorama’s of life-size specimens in their habitats for collectors.  With a staff compliment of 45 we have increased our client base and our product range to include spectacular displays and homeware products to sustain full utilization of your trophy products.

60 years of transforming taxidermy into art